Adoption can be viewed from many different angles.

Everyone in the adoption constellation; birth parents, adoptive parents, the child and all others touched by adoption have different points of view that colours what adoption is to them. For all, adoption is a sensitive subject. For some, adoption is viewed as something frightening and worrisome. Some may view adoption as a gift and a total blessing. In truth, adoption can be all of these things.

Understanding just how adoption can impact you will help you throughout your decision-making process.

Adoption for Birth Mothers and Fathers:

With open adoption, there is even more love to go around.

Ongoing communication and contact between the birth parent(s) and the adoptive family can take the form of letters, emails, phone calls or visits. The amount of contact is negotiated and varies from one adoption to another. Open adoption is good for the adopted child as it allows him or her to maintain relationships with important people in his life; as he or she grows older, open adoption allows access to information about his or her origins and background.

An open adoption can help the birth mother to navigate complex emotions such as  sadness and fear, and allow her to  connect with her child as they grow and mature. This creates a feeling of security and confidence that she made the best choice and provided them with a wonderful and loving family and home.

Will it be easy? Not necessarily. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.