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McGuinty Government Opens Records For The First Time Since 1927

As of June 1st 2009, adopted adults and birth parents can get more information about their past.

Ontario is making it easier for many Ontarians to look for information about their birth relatives.  The Access to Adoption Records Act, 2008 gives adopted adults and birth parents access to information that is currently sealed in their adoption records.   Adopted adults and birth parents can also protect their privacy by filing a disclosure veto or no contact notice.

Individuals should contact ServiceOntario to apply for information from their birth and adoption records. This service is free.

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“”Many of us are curious about our backgrounds. Some like to trace their family tree. People involved in an adoption are no different. They want to know about their past. They want to know what happened to their children. By opening Ontario’s adoption records we’re helping people to learn about their personal history, while protecting their privacy.””

– Madeleine Meilleur
Minister of Community and Social Services

“For years, adopted individuals and birth parents have needed personal and family information from their birth certificates and adoption records. Today, thanks to the legislation passed by the government of Ontario, acquiring this information is finally possible.”

– Wendy Rowney
Coalition for Open Adoption Records

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