F.A.Q. for Adoptive Parents

F.A.Q. for Adoptive Parents2022-11-15T19:07:03-05:00


Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are listed some of the most commonly asked questions by adoptive parents. We would be happy to discuss any of this information or any other questions you might have about the adoption process.

How many adoptions do you typically facilitate per year?2022-08-19T21:09:18-05:00

Over the 40 years of being licensed with the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services, CRCCO has, on average, facilitated 5 adoptions per year.

What are the fees for registration?2022-08-19T21:03:50-05:00

Prospective adoptive parents can register with CRCCO through an initial meeting where your information is gathered, we discuss the adoption process, the role of the practitioner, the philosophy of open adoption, and we discuss your P.R.I.D.E. and S.A.F.E. completion. We will also look at building a profile that you may want to post on our website. The registration fee of $350 allows you to meet with us so we can better understand your needs in order to find the right match for you. If distance is an issue, we can arrange a meeting through Skype.

Is there a waiting list to register with the agency? If so, how long is it?2022-08-19T21:01:13-05:00

We are currently accepting registrations with our agency. We can arrange a meeting that will be convenient for all parties involved.

Are there any restrictions as to who can adopt through the agency?2022-08-19T20:59:47-05:00

We facilitate domestic adoptions and relative adoptions in the province of Ontario. All applicants are subject to criminal background checks during the Home Study.

How long has CRCC been licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services?2022-08-29T20:24:20-05:00

CRCC has been licensed with the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services for over 40 years.

How does your agency facilitate matches between birth parents and prospective adoptive parents?2022-08-19T21:10:41-05:00

We use our best efforts to match prospective adoptive parents registered with our agency with the requests put forth by birth parents. It is important to note that matching is never done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis as there are many factors to consider in making an adoption plan and choosing the right match of family for a child.

What is “openness” in adoption?2023-01-28T21:33:24-05:00

There are many levels of openness in adoption. Birth parents and adoptive parents are encouraged to create an open adoption agreement that suits their comfort level. Different examples of openness can include sharing letters, photos, name selection, different communications, and meetings. Exchange frequencies and methods vary from one family to the next. Extended family relationships in an open adoption are developed so that adopted children will be able to have ongoing relationship opportunities with members of their birth family. Open adoption is child centered. It may help your child develop a strong sense of identity by having contact with members of their birth family. In an open adoption, their questions about their birth family background can be provided to the child on an ongoing basis.

Can the birth parents change their minds?2022-08-22T14:41:24-05:00

Up until the revocation period expires, the birth parents could change their mind and revoke consent to the adoption. In Ontario, birth parents have 21 days after signing the consents in which they can change their mind. If they do withdraw their consent for the adoption, the child must be returned to them.

What is PRIDE training? Where can I get this?2022-08-22T15:33:07-05:00

Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education (PRIDE) is a comprehensive 27 hour training program that is now recognized as essential preparation for all prospective adoptive and foster parents. It is mandatory in the province of Ontario. It is completed in tandem with the Home Study process before adoptive applicants can adopt. It is offered at various times and locations in Ontario.

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